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Announcing Inaugural Chang Humanitarian Award

Do you know an individual ophthalmologist who is doing exceptional humanitarian work in the domain of cataract blindness and disability? Do they and their charitable organization merit special recognition and support?

It's time to celebrate the noble volunteer efforts of your colleagues within ophthalmology who are trying to alleviate needless global blindness.

Volunteer Spotlight: David H. Yi, MD

The highlight of David H. Yi, MD’s trip to Haiti was when the bandages were removed from a patient’s face the day after surgery. With the first blink, the woman’s face lit up with a smile, and with the second blink she jumped to her feet and began a joyous dance. A dance to celebrate her ability to see again.

DigiSight Telemedicine Study Shows Promising Results

In the winter winter 2016, the ASCRS Foundation and DigiSight partnered on a new telemedicine pilot program in Nepal. We are excited to share with our supporters the promising early results.

The partnership uses the Paxos Scope technology for smartphones, allowing anyone with basic cell phone camera skills to produce quality anterior and posterior segment imaging. The technology is portable and low maintenance, making it an ideal solution for the developing world and remote areas.