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Steps for Sight Challenge

For the 166 individuals on our Operation Sight waiting list, taking even a single step with cataract impaired vision can be frustrating. You can extend your sight giving abilities and help these 166 patients see again, without ever entering the operation room. All you’ll have to do is take a few steps.

Resident Excellence & Research Grant Recipients Announced

2018 Resident Excellence Award Winners

Through our Resident Excellence Awards, the ASCRS Foundation provides travel grants to enable 10 outstanding ophthalmologists resident's to attend the ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting. The categories for consideration include research, patient care, leadership and education. Congratulations to the selected 2018 winners:

Partner Highlight: Moran Physicians Give the Gift of Sight

Following the death of her husband and the loss of her sight to cataracts shortly afteward, Reid had been struggling to continue on as the primary caretaker in her family. Even after losing her vision, she helped out with her 7-month-old grandchild, Taia. But Reid couldn't see the child's smile until the day of her surgery at Moran, captured in this video.