DigiSight Telemedicine Study Shows Promising Results

In the winter winter 2016, the ASCRS Foundation and DigiSight partnered on a new telemedicine pilot program in Nepal. We are excited to share with our supporters the promising early results.

The partnership uses the Paxos Scope technology for smartphones, allowing anyone with basic cell phone camera skills to produce quality anterior and posterior segment imaging. The technology is portable and low maintenance, making it an ideal solution for the developing world and remote areas.

The Himalayan Cataract Project’s Tilganga Eye Hospital serves as the base center for the launch of this new technology. The goal of the study is to increase access to eye care in rural communities through high quality, low cost mass screenings.

While data is still being collected and analyzed, we are excited to report that hundreds of patients have been screened using this elegant blend of medicine and technology – and continue to be screened right now!