Impacting a Patients Life by Restoring their Sight

Well before Glenn Campbell, MD, from Advanced Vision Institute in Williamsburg, Virginia signed on to volunteer with the ASCRS Foundation's Operation Sight charitable cataract program, he was already doing his part to provide  care to those most in need in his community.

Since 2012, Dr. Campbell and his practice have been giving back through an annual charitable surgery event called “Days of Caring”. This event is dedicated to providing much needed ophthalmic surgical care to indigent patients in the Hampton Roads, Virginia community who would otherwise not have access.

Dr. Campbell joined the Operation Sight volunteer network in 2017 and found the program as a perfect partner in his quest to help local patients. With the help of Operation Sight’s streamlined application and qualification process, Dr. Campbell and his practice have been able to better Williamsburg’s most needy cataract patients.  

Foundation Staff (FS): Is the opportunity of providing charitable care in your community important to you?

Dr. Glenn Campbell (GC): Yes. I am fortunate to have the ability to provide a charitable service to the community that I live and work in. Our mission at AVI is to always deliver excellent, state-of-the-art eyecare to every patient we see. Programs such as Operation Sight and Days of Caring are wonderful ways to facilitate this to those patients we may have otherwise never had the pleasure of caring for.

FS: For your upcoming surgery day(s) during National Sight Week we referred over out-of-state patients because their home state is lacking in volunteers. How did you feel about assisting with those neglected patients?

GC: I was surprised to learn that these patients had no options in their home state to receive this much-needed care. One patient came from more than 5 ½ hours away in hopes of regaining his sight so that he could regain some of the independence he lost with when he began losing his vision due to dense cataracts. Knowing we will be able to help restore this patient’s sight and impact his life in such a positive way is the reason I believe doctors chose this challenging profession.

FS: How have cataracts impacted the lives of some of these patients?

GC: Many patients have lost their ability to be independent and provide for themselves and their family as a result of vision loss from their cataracts.

FS: Is there a specific patient story that resonates with you?

GC: One patient was employed as a chef. The loss of sight he was experiencing was affecting his ability to work. He was the only financial supporter in his family, and this was inhibiting him from being able to provide the necessities. When the patient returned for his post-operative care and was seeing 20/20, he was literally in tears.  He thanked us for giving him his life back. This is the reality for many, and why I feel it is important to give back where I can.

FS: What part of providing charitable cataract surgery did you and your staff find most rewarding?

GC: Seeing the excitement on the faces of our patients after their cataract has been removed.

 Dr. Campbell is honored to be a part of an organization that focuses on giving the gift of sight to those most in need. Join Dr. Campbell by becoming an Operation Sight volunteer.

For more information on Operation Sight, please contact Evelyn Morales at or by phone at 703-788-5786.

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