National Sight Week Ends Soon

It is your last chance to participate in National Sight Week. Give a gift in honor of one of our volunteers! We will recognize your generosity on our twitter page @ASCRSFoundation with our hashtags #NationalSightWeek #OperationSight.

Over the last six days, our amazing volunteers have provided more than 300 sight restoring surgeries. But we need your help to give the same joy to our wait listed patients. Operation Sight doesn’t work unless donors and volunteers work together. You can give sight tomorrow, by making your gift today at

Hear from some of our waitlisted patients on what they had to say when asked what a charitable cataract surgery through Operation Sight would mean.  

“Cataracts have limited my functionality and has taken away my independence. Operation Sight helps people who can’t afford care and don’t qualify for other programs. You help those that fall through the crack.” Atchison, KS

“If I can get my eyes fixed I’ll be able to go back to work and will be able to support myself.” Speedwell, TN

“This program gives hope, empathy, and compassion to people and shows they matter.” Dover, DE

These are just some of the patients who will benefit from charitable cataract surgery through Operation Sight with the help of donors and volunteers like you.

You can also celebrate by helping us raise awareness of the overall Operation Sight program by sharing our National Sight Week posts on twitter @ASCRSFoundation or the ASCRS Facebook page and use our hashtags #NationalSightWeek #OperationSight.

Below are a few of our favorites from the last week!


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