Volunteer Spotlight: Michael Donahoe, MD

“Most of us in the healthcare field chose this career path to be able to make a difference in the lives of others,” explains Dr. Michael Donahoe of the Ophthalmology Consultants in St. Louis, Missouri. A passionate advocate for charitable eye care, Dr. Donahoe started his journey as a sight-giver with his first surgery day in the spring of 2012. He knew he wanted to give back to his own community and through teaming up with surgeons and staff at Ophthalmology Consultants, and some generous donors he moved to have eleven of these surgery days over the past six years. During those days, he and his team have performed over 450 free cataract surgeries on patients who have traveled from over 10 different states to get the help they so desperately need.

These surgery days, where they work on up to 55 patients in the course of one day, are not just emotionally rewarding but also provide the opportunity to work with patients who present uniquely difficult cases. As Dr. Donahoe puts it, “Many of these cases can be complex and challenging for even the most accomplished surgeon.” Those uncommon medical woes echo their personal ones, coming from difficult backgrounds in urgent need of the way that cataract surgery can provide a new lease on life. “It’s not very often in our private practices that we get to watch tears of joy overcome our patients… This is truly life changing for them,” Dr. Donahoe explains.

 Dr. Donahoe began working with Operation Sight directly just a year ago when he encountered the program in an EyeWorld article. Partnering with Operation Sight gives his team the tools they need to continue to build on the legacy of service he has been providing.

 Patients in need of charitable eye care in his community are lucky to have Dr. Donahoe committed to sight-giving in their world and as Dr. Donahoe elaborates, these surgery days “are a true reminder of why we do what do.”

 Interested in learning more on Operation Sight? Visit our Operation Sight volunteer portal or contact Evelyn Morales at emorales@ascrs.org