ASOA Announces Alignment with Operation Sight

ASOA (American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators) recently redefined its mission, vision, and core values to better serve its members. As a strategic partner of ASCRS, they are united by three common goals: Educate, Advocate, and Donate.   

While you may be familiar with the enriching educational opportunities provided by ASOA and their legislative and regulatory work, you may wonder how do ASOA members donate? Many contribute their time through committees and task forces, while others donate to the ASCRS Foundation.

 We’re excited to announce ASOA’s new alignment with the Foundation’s Operation Sight program – making it ASOA’s new humanitarian outreach opportunity going forward.

Operation Sight is the Foundation's U.S.-based charitable cataract surgery program. It involves a nationwide network of volunteer surgeons and ophthalmic staff who provide care to those unable to access or afford cataract surgery on their own. Since its launch in late 2014, Operation Sight has delivered over 3,500 free cataract surgeries.

 Operation Sight has grown to include a sizable coalition of surgeons, staff leaders, ASCs, and organizations committed to caring for those who could not otherwise afford life-changing cataract surgery. The foundation staff works to source and vet patients for surgery at volunteer practices across the country.

 ASOA members have played a vital role in Operation Sight’s success. ASOA practices have contributed a large number of free surgeries and ASOA members have been instrumental in organizing them. Going forward, we hope to expand ASOA participation in the growing Operation Sight network and we hope your practice will consider joining.

 More information on the ASOA/Operation Sight partnership and how ASOA members can help their practice become involved, will be available soon. We encourage you to visit to learn more on this life-changing program.

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