Operation Sight: One Small Act of Kindness

Angela Weeks is the Vision Education Specialist at the Advanced Vision Institute, in Williamsburg, VA. Her primary role is working directly with all surgical patients to ensure proper consent, and that they understand the cataract surgery process as well as the risks and benefits. When Advanced Vision Institute joined the ASCRS Foundation’s Operation Sight volunteer network, Angela became the liaison between her practice and Operation Sight. “My primary function is to ensure patients sent to us through Operation Sight are forwarded to the correct department for scheduling. Once the patient has been scheduled for surgery, I ensure there is coordination of care in place.”

Angela has been a vital part in her practice’s involvement with Operation Sight, and their continued participation in the annual National Sight Week effort.

When asked what advice she would give to other administrators interested in getting their practice involved, she said: “I would encourage administrators to present this as an opportunity to give back to the community that supports their practice. It can be a great moral booster and team building experience when everyone comes together for the greater good knowing they are helping patients regain, not only their sight, but in many cases their independence.”

Along with serving their own community, Advanced Vision Institute has also helped many in need from nearby states due to the lack of volunteers. “I was very surprised when I received the out-of-state referrals. In fact, I contacted Operation Sight believing they must have sent them in error. I was saddened to learn these patients had no volunteers in their home state who were willing to provide this care. I happily reached out to each of those patients and helped to facilitate a plan of action to coordinate their out-of-state care. We are happy to be able to help this group of patients in need.”

 What Impact is Angela and Advanced Vision Institute making in their community? "Allowing these patients to maintain independence, and strengthen their ability to provide for themselves and their families by helping to restore their vision is such an honor." Angela Explains. 

  The most rewarding part for Angela is the appreciation and gratitude expressed by her patients for helping them regain their sight. “Knowing one small act of kindness can forever change a patient’s life is quite humbling.”

To learn more on Operation Sight or National Sight week please visit ascrsfoundation.org/NationalSightWeek or contact Evelyn Morales at emorales@ascrs.org 


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