Changing Lives by Changing Sight

National Sight Week is a celebration of volunteerism, during which members of the ASCRS Foundation’s Operation Sight network are encouraged to contribute one or more charitable surgeries in their own communities. During this week we would like to thank and acknowledge the entire Operation Sight volunteer network for helping us give the gift of sight to those Americans most in need. As a way of highlighting the work being done by volunteers this week, we will be sharing their experiences with Operation Sight.

 ASOA Board member and Operation Sight volunteer Hayley Boling, MBA, COE, is the Chief Executive Officer at Boling Vision Center & INSIGHT Surgery Center in Northern Indiana. Hayley is referred to as the “visionary” behind her practice. As she explains “I dream big, challenge status quos, ask questions to stretch our team’s potential, set ambitious goals, and then motivate those around me to be the very best version of themselves possible!”

Hayley and her family have always lived by the motto “To whom much is given, much is expected.” This motto is clearly seen through the successful 60 years and 3 generation ophthalmology practice. “At Boling Vision, we have always had a servant’s heart within our practice, and we have always been grateful for the opportunity to change lives by changing sight.”

Hayley shared her experience providing charitable eye through her practice in an interview with ASCRS Foundation staff.

Foundation Staff (FS): How did you first learn about Operation Sight? What made your practice want to become involved?

Hayley Boling, MBA, COE (HB): I first learned about Operation Sight about 2 years ago, and I was thrilled to know that there was a program in place that could support our ongoing charitable efforts. We’ve always just done our surgical cases and have tried our hardest to convince others (lens manufacturers, anesthesia providers, etc.) to donate their part of the services as well. Although we weren’t always successful in getting others to donate, we always moved forward with doing the right thing simply because it was the right thing to do.

Thankfully, I ran across Operation Sight during my work with ASOA & ASCRS, and I knew this would be an opportunity to help cover some of the disposable costs of our free surgical care. After partnering with Operation Sight, we even decided to bring on our own anesthesia services to further support the mission of our practice, which will continue to strengthen the sustainably and overall foundation of our continued efforts!

FS: What has been the most difficult part in getting the program started? Were there any big hurdles?

HB: I’d say the biggest effort was just training somebody to do something different than they had previously (which is not new in our practice.. remember, we’re all about thinking big and trying new things). Once we were trained, the more difficult part would be remembering to get pictures and testimonials throughout the process! It’s safe to say we’re still working on that part!

FS: What advice would you give to other practice administrators who are interested in bringing the program to their practice?

HB: Go for it! Operation Sight is an incredible program that allows every single member of your practice to be a part of something BIGGER than themselves, and BIGGER than their practice even! It is about putting people over profit, bur improving the lives of the people around you, and that is what life is all about, at least in my opinion.

FS: What have you found most rewarding about being a part of this program?

HB: The most amazing part of this program is changing the way people see the world. Both literally and figuratively. Of course, we’re removing the haze and clouds caused by cataracts, but we’re also opening their eyes to a world of compassion and care that they may have never experienced before. That alone creates the opportunity for a ripple effect that could affect generations!

We thank Hayley, the volunteer surgeons, and ophthalmic staff at Boling Vision for giving sight to those most in need. To learn more or to register to volunteer visit or Contact Evelyn Morales at



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