Thank You to our Volunteers & Donors

As the ASCRS Foundation’s 4thNational Sight Week comes to a close we wish to extend a sincere thank you to the many volunteer surgeons and staff members who made this week such a success. Hundreds of U.S. patients have been given the opportunity to resume productive lives thanks to our volunteers and donors. We appreciate the incredible work you’ve done providing charitable cataract care either directly through your practice or as part of an Operation Sight partner organization. A full list of the participating practices can be found on the Foundation’s blog.

Operation Sight was launched by the ASCRS Foundation five years ago to assist needy U.S. patients living and working right in our own communities. Through Operation Sight, the ASCRS Foundation has created a national network of volunteer surgeons and ophthalmic staff members who give their time and expertise to treat eligible cataract patients who have no other option. The program has seen an exponential growth in volume and completed it’s 4,000th charitable cataract surgery during our October 20-26 National Sight Week!

While National Sight Week is one week and serves as a celebration of local volunteerism, the Operation Sight program runs year-round. Consider volunteering or learning more at

And if volunteering is not an option at this time, you can still extend your impact as a sight giver with a gift to the ASCRS Foundation. Your gift before the end of the year is all that’s needed to provide an Operation Sight surgery in 2020 to one of the many patients on our waiting list. Make your donation at: