Resident Excellence Award Nominations Due

2019 Awardee, Eric Rosenberg, DO, a current fellow in Cornea, Complex Cataract, and Refractive Surgery at Weill-Cornell Medicine Ophthalmology first heard of the Resident Excellence Award through ASCRS Executive Board Member, Eric Donnenfeld, MD, who is a huge advocate for resident and fellow education.

Dr. Rosenberg shared his Resident Excellence Award experience from start to finish in an interview. 

Foundation Staff (FS): You were one of the recipients of the 2019 Resident Excellence Award. This award funds selected residents to attend the ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting. Tell us a little bit about your experience at the meeting. 

Dr. Eric Rosenberg (ER): Attending ASCRS provided me an opportunity to learn from physician leaders from all around the world. Appreciating not only what they are doing, but how they are thinking about problems that face us I found to be invaluable. The comprehensive, yet moderately informal atmosphere fostered a unique ‘big-yet-small’ impression and provided me with ample opportunity to discuss one-on-one with people who shaped the field.

Foundation Staff (FS): What did you enjoy most about the meeting? Was there a session you were looking forward to?

ER: I thoroughly enjoyed the talks integrating artificial intelligence and big data into ophthalmology. Renowned ophthalmologists from Rayna Habash MD reviewing Machine Learning to Mark Lobanoff, MD discussing the use of novel analytic software for improving topographic-guided LASIK will only continue to make our therapies safer, more accurate, and better tolerated for our patients. It has become increasingly clear that we do not live in one-size-fits-all world, and paradoxically it seems the way to get there is to group, value, weight, and understand it all. 

FS: Why did you apply for the award? Would you recommend other current residents or fellows to apply for the award? 

ER: Our residency program director at New York Medical College encouraged us in all aspects of our ophthalmic career, and nominating me for this award was no different. We all meet exceptional people in our journey to becoming self-sufficient and operative physicians, and Thaddeus Wandel MD is one who approaches the facets of his life and the residency program from a side of compassion, understanding, and encouragement. 

I would wholeheartedly encourage other young physicians to apply for this award. 

FS: Is there any advice you’d give to a future applicant or recipient of the award? 

ER: At the meeting explore where ophthalmology is headed. Go to podium presentations, main lectures, and company booths. We seemingly live in a static environment given the mountains of textbooks, tests, and studies; however, the field of Ophthalmology is a living system, evolving, changing, refashioning frequently. Watch carefully, and continue to learn because the field we are living in now will have evolved into something indistinguishable 20 years from now. 

FS: What would you say to our donors who make this program possible? 

ER: I am extremely grateful and appreciative for the opportunity provided by the donors and the committee members. Allowing for early exposure to these larger meetings is paramount for advancing the field though a culmination of discussion, education, networking, and research. Without programs like these, it is entirely possible we would slow the growth or even miss the boat on new developments, ideas, and continued education. 


The deadline for the 2020 Resident Excellence Award is tomorrow Friday, January 10, 2020. Nominations for the award can be made here. Don’t miss your chance to be one of the 2020 Resident Excellence winners!

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